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["Reposts" are posts that were originally posted in my personal journal before being transferred here. These icons were first posted on September 28th, 2011.]

1-8: Selena Gomez
9-21: Jessica Lee Rose
22-34: Kimberly Williams-Paisley
35-48: Mandy Moore
49-62: Abigail Breslin
63-76: Miranda Cosgrove
77-96: Taylor Swift

Teasers: Selena- Couch Mandy- Hair 4 Taylor- Dark 3

01.)Selena- Black 02.)Selena- Flower 03.)Selena- Couch 04.)Selena- Couch 2
05.)Selena- Garden 06.)Selena- Garden 2 07.)Selena- Shades 08.)Selena- Shades 2
09.)Jessica- White 10.)Jessica- Smile 11.)Jessica- Smile 2 12.)Jessica- Up
13.)Jessica- Up 2 14.)Jessica- Curls 15.)Jessica- Curls 2 16.)Jessica- Curls 3
17.)Jessica- Water 18.)Jessica- Water 2 19.)Jessica- Water 3 20.)Jessica- Water 4
21.)Jessica- Water 5
22.)Kimberly- Blue 23.)Kimberly- Hair 24.)Kimberly- Hair 2 25.)Kimberly- Arm
26.)Kimberly- Arm 2 27.)Kimberly- Arm 3 28.)Kimberly- Hand 29.)Kimberly- Hand 2
30.)Kimberly- Hand 3 31.)Kimberly- Red 32.)Kimberly- Red 2 33.)Kimberly- Red 3
34.)Kimberly- Red 4
35.)Mandy- Black 36.)Mandy- Black 2 37.)Mandy- Dress 38.)Mandy- Dress 2
39.)Mandy- Laugh 40.)Mandy- Laugh 2 41.)Mandy- Flowers 42.)Mandy- Flowers 2
43.)Mandy- Flowers 3 44.)Mandy- Flowers 4 45.)Mandy- Hair 46.)Mandy- Hair 2
47.)Mandy- Hair 3 48.)Mandy- Hair 4
49.)Abigail- Smile 50.)Abigail- Close 51.)Abigail- Close 2 52.)Abigail- Wall
53.)Abigail- Wall 2 54.)Abigail- Wall 3 55.)Abigail- Stairs 56.)Abigail- Stairs 2
57.)Abigail- Stairs 3 58.)Abigail- Stairs 4 59.)Abigail- Window 60.)Abigail- Window 2
61.)Abigail- Window 3 62.)Abigail- Window 4
63.)Miranda- Ocean 64.)Miranda- Ocean 2 65.)Miranda- Shades 66.)Miranda- Shades 2
67.)Miranda- Beach 68.)Miranda- Beach 2 69.)Miranda- Beach 3 70.)Miranda- Black & White
71.)Miranda- Black & White 2 72.)Miranda- Black & White 3 73.)Miranda- Down 74.)Miranda- Down 2
75.)Miranda- Down 3 76.)Miranda- Down 4
77.)Taylor- Microphone 78.)Taylor- Microphone 2 79.)Taylor- White 80.)Taylor- White 2
81.)Taylor- White 3 82.)Taylor- Piano 83.)Taylor- Piano 2 84.)Taylor- Piano 3
85.)Taylor- Piano 4 86.)Taylor- Snow 87.)Taylor- Snow 2 88.)Taylor- Snow 3
89.)Taylor- Snow 4 90.)Taylor- Snow 5 91.)Taylor- Dark 92.)Taylor- Dark 2
93.)Taylor- Dark 3 94.)Taylor- Dark 4 95.)Taylor- Dark 5 96.)Taylor- Dark 6

-Pic Credits: Moore Central,, Selena Web, Fabulous Abigail Breslin,, Kimberly Williams Web, Fanpop
-Comments are love!
-Please credit if taking!

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