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["Reposts" are posts that were originally posted in my personal journal before being transferred here. These icons were first posted on September 28th, 2011.]

1-8: Jonathan Bennett
9-17: Denzel Washington
18-26: Kyle Gallner
27-37: Matt Damon
38-49: Tim McGraw
50-62: Topher Grace
63-76: George Clooney

Teasers: Jonathan- Blue Tim- Smile George- Reflection 3

01.)Jonathan- Gray 02.)Jonathan- Blue 03.)Jonathan- Blue 2 04.)Jonathan- Smile
05.)Jonathan- Smile 2 06.)Jonathan- Pool 07.)Jonathan- Pool 2 08.)Jonathan- Pool 3
09.)Denzel- Black & White 10.)Denzel- Black & White 2 11.)Denzel- Smile 12.)Denzel- Smile 2
13.)Denzel- Water 14.)Denzel- Water 2 15.)Denzel- Hat 16.)Denzel- Hat 2
17.)Denzel- Hat 3
18.)Kyle- Floor 19.)Kyle- Floor 2 20.)Kyle- Orange 21.)Kyle- Orange 2
22.)Kyle- Window 23.)Kyle- Window 2 24.)Kyle- Couch 25.)Kyle- Couch 2
26.)Kyle- Couch 3
27.)Matt- Smile 28.)Matt- Car 29.)Matt- Car 2 30.)Matt- Windows
31.)Matt- Windows 2 32.)Matt- Door 33.)Matt- Door 2 34.)Matt- Door 3
35.)Matt- Wall 36.)Matt- Wall 2 37.)Matt- Wall 3
38.)Tim- Guitar 39.)Tim- Guitar 2 40.)Tim- Smile 41.)Tim- Smile 2
42.)Tim- Walls 43.)Tim- Walls 2 44.)Tim- Black & White 45.)Tim- Black & White 2
46.)Tim- Black & White 3 47.)Tim- Roof 48.)Tim- Roof 2 49.)Tim- Roof 3
50.)Topher- Colorful 51.)Topher- Colorful 2 52.)Topher- Serious 53.)Topher- Serious 2
54.)Topher- Tie 55.)Topher- Tie 2 56.)Topher- Smile 57.)Topher- Smile 2
58.)Topher- Smile 3 59.)Topher- Wall 60.)Topher- Wall 2 61.)Topher- Wall 3
62.)Topher- Wall 4
63.)George- Red 64.)George- Glass 65.)George- Glass 2 66.)George- Glass 3
67.)George- Shadows 68.)George- Shadows 2 69.)George- Shadows 3 70.)George- Wall
71.)George- Wall 2 72.)George- Wall 3 73.)George- Reflection 74.)George- Reflection 2
75.)George- Reflection 3 76.)George- Reflection

-Pic Credits:, Topher Grace Daily, Kyle Gallner Online, Matt Damon Fan
-Please comment!
-Please credit if taking!

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