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["Reposts" are posts that were originally posted in my personal journal before being transferred here. These icons were first posted on January 11th, 2012.]

1-8: Memphis Beat
9-22: Sons of Anarchy
28:38: iCarly
39-55: Leverage

Teasers: Memphis Beat- Car 2 iCarly- iPityTheNevel Leverage- Elliot 5

01.)Memphis Beat- Dwight & Whitehead 02.)Memphis Beat- Sutton 03.)Memphis Beat- Car 04.)Memphis Beat- Car 2
05.)Memphis Beat- Car 3 06.)Memphis Beat- Jukebox 07.)Memphis Beat- Jukebox 2 08.)Memphis Beat- Jukebox 3
09.)Sons of Anarchy- Juice 10.)Sons of Anarchy- Juice 2 11.)Sons of Anarchy- Poster 12.)Sons of Anarchy- Poster 2
13.)Sons of Anarchy- Clay & Gemma 14.)Sons of Anarchy- Clay & Gemma 2 15.)Sons of Anarchy- Clay & Gemma 3 16.)Sons of Anarchy- Jax & Tara
17.)Sons of Anarchy- Jax & Tara 2 18.)Sons of Anarchy- Jax & Tara 3 19.)Sons of Anarchy- Half-Sack 20.)Sons of Anarchy- Half-Sack 2
21.)Sons of Anarchy- Half-Sack 3 22.)Sons of Anarchy- Half-Sack 4
23.)iCarly- Cowgirls 24.)iCarly- Cowgirls 2 25.)iCarly- Groovy Smoothie 26.)iCarly- Groovy Smoothie 2
27.)iCarly- Groovy Smoothie 3 28.)iCarly- iPityTheNevel 29.)iCarly- iPityTheNevel 2 30.)iCarly- iPityTheNevel 3
31.)iCarly- Sam & Mom 32.)iCarly- Sam & Mom 2 33.)iCarly- Sam & Mom 3 34.)iCarly- Sam & Mom 4
35.)iCarly- Spencer & Carly 36.)iCarly- Spencer & Carly 2 37.)iCarly- Spencer & Carly 3 38.)iCarly- Spencer & Carly 4
39.)Leverage- Nate 40.)Leverage- Nate 2 41.)Leverage- Parker 42.)Leverage- Parker 2
43.)Leverage- Parker 3 44.)Leverage- Sophie 45.)Leverage- Sophie 2 46.)Leverage- Sophie 3
47.)Leverage- Hardison & Parker 48.)Leverage- Hardison & Parker 2 49.)Leverage- Hardison & Parker 3 50.)Leverage- Hardison & Parker 4
51.)Leverage- Elliot 52.)Leverage- Elliot 2 53.)Leverage- Elliot 3 54.)Leverage- Elliot 4
55.)Leverage- Elliot 5

~Pic Credits: Leverage HQ, Fanpop
~Please credit if taking!
~Please comment!

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