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1-11: Sofia Vassilieva
12-26: Paula Patton
27-41: Alison Lohman
42-60: Michelle Rodriguez

Teasers: Sofia- Collar photo Collar_zpse82ea4c0.png Alison- Porch photo Porch2_zps42bb39f4.png Michelle- Jeans 5 photo Jeans_zps20a89f8d.png

01.)Sofia- Collar photo Collar_zpse82ea4c0.png 02.)Sofia- T-Shirt photo TShirt2_zpsada1b320.png 03.)Sofia- T-Shirt 2 photo TShirt_zps988455dc.png 04.)Sofia- White photo White_zps40761517.png
05.)Sofia- White 2 photo White2_zps3524f514.png 06.)Sofia- Black photo Black3_zps981eae70.png 07.)Sofia- Black 2 photo Black_zpsff9e0929.png 08.)Sofia- Black 3 photo Black2_zps809c3358.png
09.)Sofia- Dress photo Dress3_zps43473faa.png 10.)Sofia- Dress 2 photo Dress_zpsc0bda33a.png 11.)Sofia- Dress 3 photo Dress2_zpsddb88e1a.png
12.)Paula- Shoulder photo Shoulder_zps14229b59.png 13.)Paula- Purple photo Purple_zpsb9ba2cf8.png 14.)Paula- Purple 2 photo Purple2_zps50d636ac.png 15.)Paula- Black & White photo BlackWhite4_zps6feb06af.png
16.)Paula- Black & White 2 photo BlackWhite2_zpsfa818700.png 17.) photo BlackWhite_zps75673532.png 18.)Paula- Black & White 4 photo BlackWhite3_zps922768cc.png 19.)Paula- Close photo Close_zpscdb8fbb6.png
20.) photo Close4_zps2e3390fa.png 21.)Paula- Close 3 photo Close3_zps88a37e8f.png 22.)Paula- Close 4 photo Close2_zps2a638aab.png 23.)Paula- Flower photo Flower3_zps4e8a2780.png
24.)Paula- Flower 2 photo Flower_zps90ae70df.png 25.)Paula- Flower 3 photo Flower4_zps895e57fd.png 26.)Paula- Flower 4 photo Flower2_zps746926fb.png
27.)Alison- Shoulder photo Shoulder2_zpsa6e3c679.png 28.)Alison- Shoulder 2 photo Shoulder_zpsfb05b01d.png 29.)Alison- Porch photo Porch2_zps42bb39f4.png 30.)Alison- Porch 2 photo Porch3_zpsdc9be6a1.png
31.)Alison- Porch 3 photo Porch_zpse9b11aa7.png 32.)Alison- Back photo Back5_zpsd71c293f.png 33.)Alison- Back 2 photo Back_zpsac943746.png 34.)Alison- Back 3 photo Back2_zps516476c9.png
35.) photo Back3_zps1233ff7c.png 36.)Alison- Back 5 photo Back4_zps935d9013.png 37.)Alison- Window photo Window_zps45d54f33.png 38.)Alison- Window 2 photo Window3_zpsdf9cd715.png
39.)Alison- Window 3 photo Window5_zps0cd05cea.png 40.)Alison- Window 4 photo Window4_zps051592fe.png 41.)Alison- Window 5 photo Window2_zps83b35eee.png
42.) Michelle- Hat 2 photo Hat_zps639b9462.png 43.)Michelle- Hat photo Hat2_zps814806bd.png 44.)Michelle- Black & White photo BlackWhite3_zpsb9b5987e.png 45.)Michelle- Black & White 2 photo BlackWhite_zpsd4cc32c2.png
46.)Michelle- Black & White 3 photo BlackWhite2_zpse74444b5.png 47.)Michelle- Gown photo Gown3_zps7e878d44.png 48.)Michelle- Gown 2 photo Gown_zpse406f551.png 49.)Michelle- Gown 3 photo Gown2_zps3e1d8ba9.png
50.)Michelle- Jacket photo Jacket_zps402bef9c.png 51.)Michelle- Jacket 2 photo Jacket2_zps554b4062.png 52.)Michelle- Jacket 3 photo Jacket3_zps86def64c.png 53.)Michelle- Jacket 4 photo Jacket5_zps0c1a0bcf.png
54.)Michelle- Jacket 5 photo Jacket4_zps025c3a23.png 55.)Michelle- Jeans photo Jeans2_zpsb0c83106.png 56.)Michelle- Jeans 2 photo Jeans3_zps1eda9115.png 57.)Michelle- Jeans 3 photo Jeans5_zps4476e68e.png
58.)Michelle- Jeans 4 photo Jeans4_zpsc6adc0ef.png 59.)Michelle- Jeans 5 photo Jeans_zps20a89f8d.png 60.)Michelle- Jeans 6 photo Jeans6_zpse055bbf1.png

~Pic Sources:, Google Images, Teen Idols 4 You
~Comments are always appreciated!
~Please credit if taking!

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